Faces, sounds, voices...a symphony. Like on a stroll we are walking through the streets of Havanna with a quiet camera. Moments of everyday life. Unknown and from offside we hear voices of Cubans, who talk about things, which are forbidden to say in Cuba: "A lie which I repeated that often in my life that I nearly believe they are true? - I am free."


An exception is Yoani Sanchez. The public enemy number one broke the apathay and silence through her texts, which she publishes on her worldwide known online-blog "Generacion Y". For her freedom starts from the inside of each person and is then reached when you are able to shout out loud "I am not free!" at a street corner.


But most Cubans choose another way. They think their personal luck and freedom will be found somewhere else and so they decide to take the dangerous escape over the sea with self-built boats. Is it possible to find freedom far away from home? The poet Konstantinos P. Kavafis wrote: "The city will follow you and you will stroll through the same streets...Did you waste your life on this small spot, you did it on the whole earth."



DIRECTOR                   Andrea Roggon

LANGUAGE                 Spanish

SUBTITLES                   English or German

RUNNING TIME        87 minutes


DVD Soy Libre

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