Helge Schneider is one of the most extraordinary German artists: Jazz musician, entertainer, film director, actor and clown. His exceptional talent is his improvisational skill. This is where he shows his bubbling creativity. “I make the everyday grey colorful,” is what he says about himself. In his world, the fantastic coexists with the everyday and it is difficult to define the boundaries between reality and fiction. Even in his communication with his audiences, this element of disguise is used, humorously conveying his attitude toward the world. But how does Helge Schneider react to a filmmaker who approaches him to make a portrait about him? It is very clear that he is not going to offer his secrets on a silver platter. He doesn’t like for people to know too much about him… so the viewer has to accompany him on this journey – and determine for himself just where fiction begins, and where it ends.


PRICE                                    15,90 €

DIRECTOR                          Andrea Roggon

LANGUAGE                       German

SUBTITLES                         German, English

RUNNING TIME             93 minutes





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